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the new shooting shoe from Sauer

Perfect Style Flex" is the name of the new shooting boot from Sauer, a logical successor to the "Perfect Style II". It is not without reason that the term "Flex" occurs in the name; in accordance with the requirements of the ISSF which stipulate that the soles of special shooting shoes and boots must be flexible enough to allow for the natural flexing action of the foot when walking and running, the Sauer team has redesigned the structure of the soles of their sports footwear.

The new soles of Sauer shooting footwear are cast from a material (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is flexible enough to fulfil the relevant requirements. This does not detract from the item's sturdiness or grip. The result is that the boot allows the foot to make its natural flexing action during walking and then returns to its original position in order to provide flat, full-surface contact with the ground when the wearer is standing in a way that shooters are familiar with and have come to like.

The Sauer "Perfect Style Flex" fulfils all modern sport orthopaedic requirements. The two-part inner soles (which can be ordered separately) enable the boot to be
individually adjusted for height both at the heel and at the forefoot. The perforations at the sides improve ventilation to the foot.

The flat shape of the heel and the corresponding cut of the sole guarantees ideal surface contact when shooting from a kneeling position. The inward curving sole guarantees constant contact with the ground (in order to preserve this feature, the use of the Sauer shoe stretcher is recommended). A particular highlight of the "Perfect Style Flex" is, as with the model's predecessors, the interchangeable Velcro fastener at the spoiler. Together with laces in matching colours, this enables sports shooters to individually adapt their shoes to the colour scheme of their sportswear. The "Perfect Style Flex" is made in Germany from high-quality materials and is subjected to the most stringent quality controls.

Modell: Perfect Style Flex
ItemNo.: 3016
Material: 100% box leather, inner lining textile
Soles: 100% thermoplastic polyurethane
Colour: black, Velcro fasteners and laces in a choice of silver/black, blue/black, red/black and white
Sizes: 35 – 48
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