BLACK MAGIC


  • MEYTON´s small measuring frame (MF5R1)
  • For 10/15m disciplines and 50m small bore-rifle
  • 192 light barriers
  • Uncompromisingly accurate, with crossover light barriers for the highest measurement precision
  • Long-life LED light barrier technology, not sensitive to dust
  • New Controller offers internet (TCP/IP) networking alongside RS232c interface
  • New, robust, damp-protected sockets for data cable and power supply
  • Compatible for use together in a line with the previous model MF4R1
  • Certification of the German Shooting Union

Optional components avaiable for “BLACK MAGIC” targets:

  • ISSF backing target band
  • Connectors for lighting
  • Continuously dimmable, energy-saving LED illumination
  • Snap-on front cover
  • Red-green light for pistol 10m
  • Newly developed target changer: Allows automatical changing from air rifle to air pistol target without having to enter the shooting range